Book Fair and Stalls

SPLAT! Book Fair – a positively different way to enjoy stories!

A big part of SPLAT! is giving people the opportunity to see the various kinds of story formats that can be found out there these days.

From traditional paper books, comic books and graphic novels, all the way to audio books and of course films, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy a good story.

Situated in St Editha’s Community Hall and open from 11:30am will be the SPLAT! Book Fair and some other related stalls. We like to think that the bookfair will give you a positively different way to read a story!

Oh yes, there’s refreshments too! Tea, coffee and cakes will be available for you to enjoy while you flick through your new purchases.

Here’s a list of the stalls available and what they will be offering.

 Usborne Books (Publisher)

Usborne Books - LogoUsborne is a multi-award winning children’s publishing company. Founded by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne is now the largest and most successful independent children’s book publisher in the UK. There are currently around 2,000 Usborne books, from baby books to young adult novels.

Usborne representative Karen Horton will be selling a wide selection of books.

AA Abbott (Author)

AA Abbott - AuthorSelf-styled “author of addictive crime thrillers”, AA Abbott has written several novels and has now started having these printed in a ‘dyslexia friendly’ style as well as offering ePub versions and traditional print.

The author will be on hand to talk about her books and to sell some to you lucky people.

Astral Gypsy (Books and Comics)

Astral Gypsy Studio - LogoRun by SPLAT! contributor Al Davison and his wife Maggie, the Astral Gypsy Studio – based in Coventry’s Fargo Village – will have a stall selling some of their store stock.

Maggie says they’ll be bringing along a good mix of comics and graphic novels for you to purchase.

Sid Lotto (Author)

Terra Finite Book Series - LogoSPLAT! contributor, Sid, will be selling some books from his epic steampunk fantasy series ‘Terra Finite’.

Look out for some replica swords that will make up part of Sid’s display stand!!

Listening Books (Audiobook Library)

Listening Books - logoListening Books is a national audiobook library that provides a fantastic range of titles for those who find it difficult or impossible to read or hold a book due to an illness, disability, mental health or learning difficulty.

Representative Jo Cord will be on hand to show you their extensive range of books and to provide information on free membership for those who would find their usual membership fees a barrier to joining.

William Mistake-speare (Books)

William Mistake-speare cartoonDon’t like Shakespeare? Like to have fun with Shakespeare? Meet William Mistake-speare a playwright who has difficulty with reading.

Author Owen Kowalski will be providing SPLAT! with a supply of his two humorous, easy-read books for sale from one of our stalls.

Classical Comics (Graphic Novels)

Classical Comics - logoClassical Comics’ main aim is to make classical literature appealing to all. They produce graphic novel versions of classical titles written by the likes of William Shakespeare, the Brontës and Bram Stoker to name but a few.

SPLAT! will have a small selection of titles available for sale and a catalogue of their full range should you wish to order other titles in the future.

Custom Comic Guitars

Custom Comic Guitars - ImageThe UK’s best known comic guitar artist/designerMatt Wilson – specialises in bringing unloved and second-hand guitars back to life again as unique art that rocks out.

Matt will be demonstrating his skills and talents and will have a selection of his excellent creations on display.

Barrington Stoke (Publisher)

Barrington Stoke - logoAward winning publisher Barrington Stoke have been producing dyslexia-friendly and super-readable books for nearly twenty years.

They use a dyslexia-friendly font, pioneered the use of tinted paper and commission short, achievable books from an amazing range of authors including Michael Morpurgo and Malorie Blackman.

SPLAT! will have catalogues available to take away so that you can choose and order titles at your leisure.

Community Arts Information

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Hosted by Dig-iT (Dyslexia information group – in Tamworth), the information area will include details of Tamworth-based arts organisations and community groups.