Sid Lotto

Author Sid, will be doing a talk about his book series ‘Terra Finite’ and being a dyslexic author. He will also be on hand to sell his book. Here’s a brief bit of information on Sid, in his own words.

Sid Lotto - Author
Sid Lotto – Author

After a lifetime of dealing with an overactive imagination, I decided to become a writer for the sake of my sanity. The result so far is an epic Steampunk Fantasy, but there are many more ideas in the works. Why not come on an adventure with me?

At my SPLAT! talk I shall be discussing why escapism is so important and how my education and life were both discouraging me away from my dream of creativity. However, despite such opposition I followed it anyway and aim to encourage others struggling with Dyslexia to do the same.

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